Warrior Accouterments - quilled braintan shot bag,
Moosehair roach, fan and quilled knive sheath & knife
Wood Carvings -  effigy noggin, beaver mirror,
Thunderbird wall hanging, rattle and flat board Attle
By Roger Longtoe Sheehan
Turtle Effigy Drinking Noggin (Cup)                                                                  Effigy Crooks        
Knives                                                                                                Hand Carved Effigy Pipes
Ornamentation - Hairpipe chocker; Trade Silver
earrings & broach; quohog, slate, soapstone &
catlinite Gorgets; and Cooper necklace
Tools -  bone knives  needles; arrows; awls,
arroheads and bear effigy pendent
War Clubs
© 2006 Elnu Abenaki Tribe

ELNU Abenaki
*NEW* Roger Longtoe Sheehan recreates Native American
weapons and tools based on historical documentation. He is
citizen of the El-Nu Abenaki Tribe. Here, he provides insight to
the weapons making process and displays some of his
handmade wares.